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Buying a home is exciting and worthwhile for your family. You want to get started on the right foot as you head on this adventure whether it is the first time, or perhaps the second, third or fourth.

We will introduce you to the current market and the step by step process for looking for, viewing, choosing and buying the right home for you and your family. We will not waste your time and we will work effortlessly to find your first home or next home.

We are experts. We will explain and walk through the purchase contract, disclosure forms, contingencies, inspections, title insurance, change of title, escrow and deeds—we are here to offer our services from beginning to end.

We also encourage you to visit a mortgage lender to determine your financial position in buying a home. The lender will advise you on the many types of loans available, but more importantly, which is the best loan for you.

We are with you throughout the transaction. Years of experience is key and working with a full-time agent is absolutely important.

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Protect yourself and work with a licensed Realtor®.

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Selling a Home

A home is generally one of our biggest financial assets and it is also that special place where we have raised a family, had a first of many pets, planted a family tree which is now 5 years old, taught your children to ride a bike, hide from the craziness of our careers and work, grilled on the patio for families and friends, celebrated milestones—it is that place that has helped define us as we have established roots.

It does not matter if it is the first home or the fifth, selling a home is stressful and exciting at the same time, so it is important to select an agent who answers your questions and hears your needs during the selling process.

Questions you might want to ask an agent you are interviewing:

  • How long have you been a realtor and are you full-time?
  • What will you do to market my home for sale?
  • Will you give me advise on how to get my house ready to sell?
  • Are you available days, nights and weekends when an offer might come in?
  • What commission to you charge?

Also, why are you selling your home?  We work with both buyers and sellers, so we can help you with your new home purchase as well.

Are you downsizing or upsizing, are you transferring to another city for your business or work?

Are you moving to be closer to family?

The agent you choose can help you with this relocating as well.

We can make referrals to agents in other communities across the country; however, we search for agents that we believe might fit your needs and you interview them to select the best agent.

We also offer staging advise if you need it. Ask about the one-hour FREE consultation.

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FSBO- For Sale By Owner

Are you wanting to sell your home yourself?

It is very important that you know all the parts of selling a home from accepting an offer, to home inspections and other contingencies, communicating with a title/closing company, determining your bottom dollar prior to close and so much more. Let me answer your questions and provide the forms you will need.

Questions we have for you:
How is the pricing on your FSBO Home?
Are you getting lots of calls and showings?
Do you need assistance in determining the real estate market for your neighborhood?
What is your plans for yourself once you have sold your current home?

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Selling your home of many years may be an unknown for you since it has been so many years since you have sold a home and so much has changed over the years.  

Are you thinking of selling your current home because your children are grown and gone?  

Do you have more home than what you need?

There are so many questions to answer and you will have others as well:

  • I have not bought a home in 20 to 30 years; how do I start these days?
  • Do I want to buy a home, or should I be looking at a townhome or condo? Do I really want to take care of a yard? What are my options?
  • Should I buy a ranch, so I have fewer steps?
  • My neighborhood has changed, where do I want to live?
  • Truly, should I buy or rent?
  • Some of my friends live in retirement communities, should I check these out?
  • I am retiring soon, so do I want to move out of state closer to my children and grandchildren?

Let me help you with these and other questions you have.  It is best to make decisions about your next move before making decisions regarding your current home and I will work with you through the entire process.  Moving from a home you have perhaps owned for 20 to 30 years is a big decision.

I also have access to several resources to help you make these decisions and more.  What retirement communities, townhomes and condos would you like to visit before deciding on the right change for you?

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Downsizing - Helping Your Parents

Helping your parents make choices regarding downsizing

  • Are you preparing to help your parents make choices regarding selling the family home
  • Would you like them to move closer to where are you are now living?  Is this an out of state move or a change in neighborhood?  
  • Do you parents know it is time to make decisions about where to live or is it a slow change for them?
  • Are they ready?
  • Resources or tax considerations?

Would you like them to move closer to where are you are now living?  Is this an out of state move or a change in neighborhood?  

You probably have several other questions and I can help you and your family.

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